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~Let the stars be your compass~

 Astrology is a timeless language and comprehensive system that reveals the interconnected relationship between the universe and humanity. It is famously summarized by the phrase "As above, so below." Your astrological chart is a constantly evolving representation of yourself. By approaching it with a curious mindset and specific queries or goals, it provides insightful and soulful answers, solutions, and direction.

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Mapping out your unique path through the art and science of astrology

My passion and curiosity for the mysteries of the universe and art have been sparked since I was a preteen. Around 2012, this led me on a journey with astrology, The cosmic language of the Celestial heavens. Although modern techniques caught my attention at first, I couldn't help feeling drawn to the powerful predictive methods of Hellenistic astrology since 2020. 
My love for art also grew alongside astrology as I sought to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Painting and learning to interpret ancient symbols became my preferred language. 

Astrology is a timeless language that existed in many civilizations, connects us to the universe, and helps us understand the purpose and timing behind every aspect of our existence. 

As an astrology consultant, my passion is to help you discover your unique gifts and potential through the magic, intuition, and spirituality of astrology. Whether you're facing a significant life transition or simply seeking clarity and direction, I'm here to support you on your path of self-discovery.

Your astrological chart reflects your true self, illuminating your deepest aspirations and bringing to light any patterns or choices that may be holding you back.

Your astrological chart is a constantly evolving representation of yourself, and by exploring it with a curious and open mind, we can uncover the solutions and direction you need to thrive. So let's embark on this journey together, discovering the transformative potential of astrology and unlocking your most authentic self.


~ Let the stars be your compass~


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